The ten part documentary series premiered in the UK, on the 18th May 2020.

This search for Nefertiti continues but can two females that were discovered in Tomb KV21 provide any clues

In Bettany Hughes riveting documentary, Sofia explains how disabilities were perceived in ancient Egypt
Sofia was also invited as a guest on the Michael Portillo Show, Times Radio, to discuss the documentary and the forensic examination of Tutankhamun’s remains.
A heartfelt tribute to Tutankhamun to mark the centenary of the discovery of his tomb in the Valley of the Kings.
Podcasts with the Working Over Time team are always fun. In this episode Sofia Aziz talks to Karen Bellinger about the workers at Deir el Medina who were responsible for building and decorating the elaborate tombs of the pharaohs.

In this episode Sofia speaks to Karen Bellinger about the thriving death industry and funerary practices during acient Egypt’s New Kingdom period.


  1. Joe Hopkins

    Hi Sofia!
    I’m such a massive fan! I absolutely loved you on the documentary
    ‘Egypt’s unexplained files’
    So amazing and helping my learn everyday!
    Would 100% recommend watching it!

  2. The documentary’s that you have been in are incredible! People need to watch this!!!

  3. Imran Lodhi

    Brilliant documentary and you we’re fantastic Sofia. Looking forward to seeing more of you on tv

  4. diana pollock

    I’ve had a life long interest in Egyptology so was delighted to come across these fascinating documentaries. Clearly very well researched and beautifully presented.

  5. This was so interesting to watch and I’ve learned so much.

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