DreamWorks Animation “CURSES” Apple TV

 I am delighted to have been one of the consultants on the amazing TV series “CURSES” which premieres on the 27th October, 2023. A huge thank you to Past Preservers and DreamWorks.


Coffin of Nedjemankh who was a priest of the god “Heryshaf” at the city of Ahnas. His coffin is made of gilded cartonnage with inlaid eyes and is covered with scenes as well as funerary spells from the Book of the Dead. It dates to the Ptolemaic Period (332-30 BCE).

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York repatriated the coffin to Egypt.


Thank you Tormead School for such a warm welcome. I was so impressed with the questions. Well done girls!



I am looking forward to continuing my research in Egypt this month and visiting the tomb of Queen Nefertari (QV66).

White Memorial Conservation Centre

5th August, 2023: Lecture on the forensic examination of Tutankhamun.
November 2022 marked the centenary of the discovery of Tutankhamun’s 18th dynasty tomb. Howard Carter and his team unearthed a hidden treasure trove – the likes of which the world had never seen. Due to the sheer magnitude of artefacts and the precision with which Howard Carter attempted to document everything, it was not until 1925 that the autopsy of Tutankhamun was carried out. Over the years Tutankhamun’s mummy would be examined on three further occasions. What did the first autopsy reveal? What have recent CT studies added to our understanding of Tutankhamun’s health, cause of death and mummification techniques?


A 90 minute documentary with Zahi Hawass, Kathleen Martinez, Curtis Ryan Woodside, Sofia Aziz & more…

CLEOPATRA…A figure whose name and legacy is burned into the minds of billions. Coming from a tenacious Greek Macedonian family, she had to fight and even kill for her place on the throne – a noble attempt to save a failing Egypt. She left her mark during the final days of ancient Egypt. Her story has been warped so much throughout history – from biased opinions to praise, yet who was she really? Everyone thinks they know her; everyone has a different opinion; but most of those are modern based on films and misinformed playwrights. How much do we really know about Cleopatra?

A Film by Curtis Ryan Woodside

Co-Produced by Sofia Aziz